Environmental Cleanup & Restoration

Pilbara Towing is dedicated to the safety of all road users and to the rehabilitation and preservation of our natural environment. We go far beyond basic towing & tilt tray services in our determination to protect our fellow road users and preserve the delicate ecology of our beautiful Pilbara region.


We provide a specialised cleanup service for environmental and safety hazards such as oil spills, fuel spills, chemical leakages, debris, accident impact disturbances, and other environmental interference which may occur at the scene of an accident or traffic incident.

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REIT-TPIntersectionImmediately following an incident, we make it a priority to remove existing road hazards and to prevent leakage and spilling of hazardous substances into natural environmental areas or public traffic zones. During the cleanup phase we make it our mission to remove all detectable traces of foreign and potentially harmful substances from the road surfaces and surrounding environment, performing a high-detail restoration using environmentally sensitive products and methods to return the scene to its former or natural state in as short a time as possible. We’ve earned a well-deserved reputation for carrying out such thorough cleanups that, in many cases, a short time later it’s nearly impossible to tell an incident occurred in that location at all.


We have a bobcat with fork, 4in1, gp, broom, grapple and rake buckets in our fleet always available .

Also have a 4×4 4.5 ton tele-handler available for the accident clean-up and recovery,

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Ask us about our environmental cleanup services by calling 0407 38 0407 today.


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