Heavy Towing & Recovery

april2013 096Here at Pilbara Towing we have the expertise to deal with the largest and heaviest of loads. Don’t leave your valuable vehicles and equipment stranded. You can trust us to recover your heavy equipment for you.  We have exemplary safety standards and a proven track record of successful heavy truck and load recovery. We have a 4×4 telehandler also available to assist with accident and recovery. Call us today on 0407 38 0407.



Heavy Truck Recovery

REIT-Truck2The Pilbara can arguably lay claim to having the largest versions of everything in Australia, and that definitely includes its trucks. In fact, Pilbara trucks are so big that many of them are referred to as “road trains” rather than trucks, and with good reason – it’s said that they carry most of the responsibility for keeping the whole Australian nation’s economy running! However, even the toughest truck can run into trouble when faced with the Pilbara’s long distances, harsh conditions, and unexpected weather, and that’s where Pilbara Towing comes in. REIT-Truck1The size of your average Pilbara heavy haulage truck might be too much for other towing companies to handle, but not Pilbara Towing. Our heavy-duty equipment can deal with the recovery of mind-bogglingly large vehicles. We can recover trucks via towing, tray transport and component disassembly. We can transport multiple components on multiple recovery vehicles simultaneously.  We’ll get the job done in the fastest and safest way possible.

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Load Recovery

Is your valuable cargo load stranded in the middle of nowhere? Pilbara Towing can recover unaccompanied or immobilised loads in record time, keeping your transport channels flowing. There’s not much that our equipment can’t handle. Ask us about our load recovery options.

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Heavy Machinery & Container Recovery

containers1Recoveries and transport jobs come in all shapes and sizes, and we reckon we’ve seen just about all of them in our time. tractor1Earthmovers, tractors, trailers, caterpillars, diggers, oversize mining equipment components, water carriers, bobcats, train carriages, dollys, ATVs, UTVs, sea containers, pressure tanks, freight boxes, industrial drums, dongas and cargo enclosures – we’ve seen it all. Whatever it is, just give us a call and we’ll get it recovered and moved back to where you need it.


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Industrial Transport & Towing

Scratching your head about how to move a heavy piece of equipment, an awkwardly shaped piece of machinery, that enormous roll of conduit, or that massive section of mining infrastructure? Odds are that Pilbara Towing can help. Give us a call on 0407 38 0407 to discuss the options.

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