QWOOZA is one of our “Snatch” and Grab, 4×4 recovery ute’s, sister to the WACE CAR and “PUSH N THE LIMITS” ,  Our Recovery utes are fitted with roll bars and or roll cages , lockers front and rear, they takes some stopping. With a “standard” 4500 V8 diesel in QWOOZA , the question is often asked whilst rubbing their forehead  ”WHAT the F@#$ you got in that” ? followed by  ”I do remember you telling me to put my seatbelt on , just before I hit the Windscreen ” of course “its not the size of the wand, but the magic in the stick that matters ”

PUSH N THE LIMITS is of course fitted with a push plate for “pushin the limited” sprint cars  YEP  comes in handy for a few other thingz to

07.05.15 1680
07.05.15 609






that poor  triaxle trailer goes places off road most people  only dream of !


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