Accident Response

PT-TwueBlue1We provide rapid-response accident support with our towing and tilt tray equipment across the entire Pilbara.  If your vehicle is involved in an accident which leaves it undriveable, immobilized or damaged, look no further than Pilbara Towing – we are the fastest, safest and most efficient accident recovery specialists in the region. Call our 24-hour emergency line on 0407 38 0407 today.

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24-Hour Accident Recovery


We understand the extreme pressure and stress that can result from being involved in an unexpected accident, and our highest priority is to look after you and your vehicle. With our experienced operators and diverse fleet of tow trucks and response vehicles, we have the right equipment to deal with vehicle recovery for any type of road accident, fast.  Accidents rarely happen at a convenient time or in a convenient place, but with our 24-hour on-call line and our Pilbara-wide coverage, we’re the ones who will get there first and provide you and your vehicle with the accident recovery options you need.

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Accident After-Care

Repair1We don’t just stop there. After the initial vehicle recovery has taken place and the original  incident has been finalised, Pilbara Towing can give you support with the next steps and ensure that you have all the information you need on how to proceed. Ask us about  referrals to local smash repairers, panelbeaters, police and insurance contacts.

Road Safety & Accident Avoidance

cones1We encounter the results of many different types of vehicle accidents at Pilbara Towing every day, with the most commonly occurring type of accident in the Pilbara  being a high-speed roll. Accidents like this can have severe consequences, but the fact is that the risk can be greatly reduced with very simple measures. Making sure that you use the right basic safety equipment, such as seatbelts,and rollbars, these save your life.  In addition, many accidents could have been avoided in the first place if the driver had undergone a basic driver safety course. It is common for a vehicle NOT to deploy Airbags in a roll over

Ask us for more information about Road Safety measures and upcoming Driver Training courses.


For all drivers – particularly those who are new to the Pilbara – we recommend that you download the Pilbara Road Safety Guide (PDF) by the WALGA RoadWise Program and print a copy for your glovebox before embarking on your trip.


Safe driving!




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